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Longmont Colorado General Practice Lawyer

Name: Lyons Gaddis Kahn Hall Jeffers Dworak & Grant, PC

Address: 515 Kimbark St., 2nd Floor, PO Box 978  [Click For Map]

Phone: 303-776-9900

Fax: 303-776-9100

E-mail: info@lgkhlaw.com

Website: http://www.lgkhlaw.com

Firm Focus

Accidents and Personal Injury: We take care of legal worries while you focus on recovering from your injuries. Negligent parties must be held accountable for inattentive operation of a motor vehicle or other actions that cause injuries to others.

Motorcycle Accidents: We represent injured motorcyclists in the pursuit of compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering after a serious accident and injuries have occurred.

Workers' Compensation: We serve as advocates for hard-working residents of Longmont, neighboring communities, and throughout the state. Injuries suffered on the job can change your life and even end your career. Too much is at stake to pursue the compensation you deserve without an experienced lawyer.

Water Law: Our attorneys have experience in assisting municipalities, water districts, landowners, developers, and irrigation companies in routine and complex water rights matters.

Real Estate, Land Use, Development and Conservation: Real estate transactions can be very complex and frequently involve other legal areas. Our knowledge and experience can help ensure your rights are protected.

Conservation Easements: Our firm represents landowners, government agencies and conservation organizations in establishing conservation easements for preservation of land and water rights.

School Districts: This area of the law is complex, including diverse issues such as negotiations, litigation, student discipline, labor and employment matters, policy formation, elections, contracts, and real estate. Our experienced attorneys can assist in this area and others, both in day-to-day operations and with unusual circumstances.

Special Districts and Litigation: Specialized entities need specialized advice. From policy formation, construction matters to employment practices, elections, litigation, district formation, overlap issues and consolidations, as well as real estate transactions, the attorneys at Lyons Gaddis Kahn & Hall, PC have for many years served as reliable resources for special districts throughout Colorado.

Government Issues: Our local government lawyers have experience representing political subdivisions of the state in a wide range of issues related to elections, balloting, budgeting, bond issuance and board of directors' meetings.

Contract Negotiations: Whether you are negotiating a simple contract with an individual or a complex master agreement with a union, we have experience in handling the negotiation process from the drafting phase to participating as the spokesperson at the table for negotiations. Attorneys at Lyons Gaddis Kahn & Hall, PC, have negotiated and helped to facilitate hundreds of contracts.

Business Entities and Transactions: Succeeding in business requires careful planning and preparation, both financially and legally. We can help you select the appropriate entity, draft agreements, and provide assistance if litigation were to occur.

Business Litigation: We strive to help businesses quickly address disputes, such as breach of contract, in order to protect their business and prevent further litigation.

Liquor Licensing: Obtaining and holding a liquor license is vital to the success of your business for restaurant owners, retail stores, and other liquor establishments. We can assist you in working with your Local Licensing Authority for obtaining new licenses, defending violations or reaching stipulations, registering new managers, processing corporate changes, and other matters related to your liquor license.

Employment Law and Litigation: Our attorneys have experience in personnel matters that provides for effective mediation and litigation strategies in matters involving contractual disputes and discrimination in the workplace.

Wills, Trust, Estates and Elder Law: We can assist with drafting wills, trusts and other documents to ensure your assets are protected and your heirs are provided for in accordance with your preferences and instructions.

Estate Litigation: Our office handles estate litigation for any or all individuals who are involved in disputing the terms of the distribution of an estate. We can explain your rights and how a will contest or litigation may affect you and the estate.

Family Law and Litigation: The emotionally-charged aspects of divorce and other family law matters require experienced legal representation. Special attention must be paid to resolving business valuations and division of property. We can handle these issues and related ones.

Civil Litigation: We have successfully represented a diverse array of clients in federal, state and local courts, in disputes involving businesses, banks, construction, real estate, estates, water, employment, products and related areas. We work hard to help our clients avoid the necessity of litigation to reach out-of-court settlements, but when necessary we protect our clients' best interests in trials, hearings, mediations and arbitrations.

Firm History

Lyons, Gaddis, Kahn, Hall, Jeffers, Dworak & Grant, PC has built a statewide reputation for successful advocacy for more than 35 years. Our lawyers are skilled in a variety of practice areas. They serve as informational resources not only for clients but also for each other. Longevity and experience is a critical component in providing the highest quality of legal services.

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